Art of everyday antiquity

Through a variety of media, including painting, collage, and sculpture, Sophia Moreau explores questions of self-image, sexual expression, cultural trauma, and capitalist consumption. She has a very personal take on the political, drawing attention to contemporary issues, such as 

populist catastrophe and gendered power structures.

Her sculptural pieces are emotive and  disquieting as she explores the cultural and social forces that mold both circumstance and desire. She pushes boundaries, explores despair as well as defiance, and tells a story that is at once dystopian and hopeful.

Moreau's sculpture practice is to reimagine a particular set of found objects, incorporating them and being incorporated by them. Gilded frames are not merely hung, they reach out and climb the walls. Leather bound books contain not only words but entire worlds. And the taxidermied heads have many stories to tell.


She explores the relationship between people's lives and the objects that observe and commingle with them. In a world incessantly producing new and cheap replacement objects, her work is to cherish gifts from the treasure chest of time.

 © 2020 by Sophia Moreau

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