Sophia Moreau - Contemporary Painter & Sculptor

Art as obsession and commentary

Through a variety of media, including painting, collage, and sculpture, Sophia Moreau explores questions of self-image, sexual expression, cultural trauma, and capitalist consumption. She has a very personal take on the political, drawing attention to contemporary issues, such as 

populist catastrophe and gendered power structures.


Her sculptural pieces are emotive and  disquieting as she explores the cultural and social forces that mold both circumstance and desire. She pushes boundaries, explores despair as well as defiance, and tells a story that is at once dystopian and hopeful.

Moreau has a particular interest in the malleablility

of identity, which she portrays as simultaneously fragile, powerful, political,

and deceitful. The question of what we value individually and collectively is an undercurrent

running through each of her pieces, many of which incorporate a precious metal or mimic the

effects of other valuable materials. She has a love/hate relationship with gold, in particular,

which she portrays as alternatingly regal and garish.

 © 2019 by Sophia Moreau

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